Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Westward Ho!

The last two days drive has taken us out of south Dakota and now into Montana. A stop at Landstrom's Black Hills Gold factory in Rapid City allowed us time for a nice factory tour to see the entire jewelry making process from start to finish.

I held my breath when Judy was given a 10% discount coupon and was relieved when she decided not to use it.

I offered to buy her something from a display I found but she was not too impressed with the big clear marble I had found.

While we were on the tour she had her Landstrom's jewelry cleaned for free. This will be a great place to find her a birthday gift when we come back here next summer to have her drivers license renewed.

Camp last night was near Sturgis, S.D. and we pulled in the site right next to Cliff and Diane Bye, friends we have traveled with in Mexico. What a coincidence, but that's what happens when you travel full-time the way we do. We knew their Big Foot camper as soon as we saw it.

The landscape today was hilly, rolling prairie with large angus and sheep ranches.

We saw many Antelope today, our first on this trip. After passing through the small town of Belle Fourche we turned back to photograph a large railroad snow plow.

                               It was then that we found the Geographic Center of the U.S.

Here was also a wonderfully restored original settler's cabin with many unique artifacts inside.

Of special interest to us was an original, antique travel trailer, one of the oldest we have seen, in excellent condition.

We stop this evening at Custer National Forest Red Shale Camp and only one other R.V. is here.

It's a beautiful, warm evening with birds chirping in the trees and a big owl hooting as we fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry & Judy - Nice to catch up with your trip. Nice pix and commentary. Shame you missed Liard Hot Springs dip. Very nice. Did you put up a sign at Watson Lake?? Keep the stuff coming. Harry & Carole

Anonymous said...

you guys look as if you are having a great time wish i was there miss you two love ya that's me