Saturday, October 13, 2012

Creepy Halloween Treats

  If you're not a great fan of spiders, you might change your mind when you see one of these.

Being nosy as she is, Judy spotted an interesting recipe on the back of this package.

It looked interesting enough for us to try.

The ingredients are easy to find, although we did have to get the York pieces at Wallgreens.

We began by melting some of the Mini pieces in the microwave to get a warm, soft batch of chocolate to work with.

We modified the receipe a bit and used the stick from a Q tip to attache Mini pieces to the white York pieces for the eyes.

Placing more chocolate on the base of the eyes allowed for attaching the eyes to the peanut butter pumpkins.

The next step was using more chocolate to attache the pretzel legs.

Things are shaping up fairly well now.

The whole project is easily done on the table in our camper.

Happy Halloween from the Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spiders!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Day In The Past

We took a ride a few weeks ago to the Northwest side of Chicago and visited the neighborhood where I lived until I was almost 7 years old.  This is my first school on the same block where I lived.  It's quite a contrast from the next one I would attend--a one room rural country school that we would often walk several miles  to get to.

My parents owned this building in which we lived above the first floor grocery store they operated.
In 1949, we left Chicago to start a new life on a rural chicken farm where I was able to develop the adventurous spirit I now have.

My grandparents lived in this house one block from my first home.

A visit to the old cemetery took us to my grandparents graves.

Maternal grandparents

                                                       Paternal grandparents  

It's hard to visit the old neighborhood without a visit to the Superdawg, one of Chicago's original remaining hot dog stands.

                           My sister, Jackie, and cousin, Marilyn, were along on this trip.

The 50's drive-in atmosphere is still present today.

This place began as a small cart on wheels in this same location.

                                      It's still run by the same family and hasn't changed much in years.

Every meal comes in a nice box.

Judy, my sister and Marilyn ready to dig in.

If you followed along with us on our Maritime trip, you know that Judy is an expert at eating this type of meal.

Monday, October 8, 2012

PrincessCraft Moving Day

We  have purchased both of our truck campers from PrincessCraft Campers in Texas.  We are very satisfied with this dealership and have come to like PJ, the owner, and the employees as well.

This past July they moved from Pflugerville to a new location in Round Rock, Texas, fourteen miles away.

This was to be a huge task.  PrincessCraft is one of the Nation’s largest truck camper and small trailer dealers. 

The entire inventory, as well as the shop and office equipment and records,  was to be moved in less than a week.

We were in the area because of my ear surgery and volunteered to help move campers with our truck.

The old location was very crowded and simply outgrown. 

PJ purchased a vacant bowling alley with excellent exposure along a major highway.



Remodeling was a challenging, but very rewarding task, resulting in a bright and cheery interior with lot’s of retail and office space. 

There is interior room to display small trailers and campers as well.


The service area can accommodate any size RV with ease.

PJ has excellent and very helpful technicians. 

They do any kind of service work , including total reconstruction.

This area is so large that it can also be used as part of an indoor showroom.

PJ and Judy celebrating a job well done.