Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Little Brown Church In The Vale

After a lazy morning we leave camp before noon, still heading North, and cross the Mississippi River into Iowa at Lansing.

Open farmland greets us with many farmers just beginning to till the soil. We think of the corn in Texas that was 12" high when we left there 4 weeks ago.

 A stop at Effigy Mounds National Monument, three miles North of Marquette, Iowa. This is our second visit here but there is so much to see.

Within the park are 206 known prehistoric mounds with 31 taking the form of animal effigies. Many of these mounds were built between 750-1400 years ago for ceremonies rather than for burials and take the shape of birds , lizards, and most commonly, bears.

A walk through the mound-filled woods is pleasant in Spring with the sound of woodpeckers echoing through the air and the sight of Spring flowers bursting in new bloom.

After hiking among the mounds and having a nice talk with the ranger about the National Park System, we headed to Nashua, Ia. and The Little Brown Church In The Vale, where Judy's parents were married in 1938.

We are snugly settled in for the night at R Campground in Charles City, Ia. as heavy rain begins to fall and thunder bursts loudly all around us.

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