Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Having A Real Field Day

After a quick breakfast we are off to the Albert Creek Bird Banding Station just West of Watson Lake. This is on a narrow, dirt road not accessible to large RVs or trailers but our truck camper glides right in.

Far more than we expected, this is a real field banding station that allowed us to witness up close the capture, banding, measuring, documenting and release of many birds.

Directed by Jukka Jantunen from Finland, a respected professional with a very deep knowledge of birds, this is an unusual opportunity and something anyone interested in birds should not miss.

The ride to Teslin Lake was typically scenic of the Yukon.

The temperature was pleasantly in the 60's F as we crossed the Continental Divide, but some lakes still have ice and snow.

We experienced our first road construction but no delay as we are early in the season and there are very few RVs here now.

After crossing the Nisutlin Bay Bridge, the longest water span on the Alaska Highway, we are camped for free on the shore of Teslin Lake at Mukluk Annie's restaurant.

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