Monday, May 26, 2008

Along The Open Road

It has been said that the most scenic part of the Alaska Highway is between Dawson Creek, B.C. and Watson Lake,Y.K. Three days of warm, clear weather complemented the spectacular scenery we had come to see.

By starting early in the day, traveling slowly, and exploring some lesser used roads, we have seen close up many more animals than we expected to see.

One interesting side road gave us the opportunity to drive the original Alaska Highway and cross the historic curved, wooden Kiskatinaw River Bridge. This is the only original timber bridge along the Highway still in use today.

Summit Lake, high in the Rockies at the roads highest point, was still covered with snow and ice.

We camped on the shore of Muncho Lake and I used its clear mountain water to wash the truck.

Access to two-tiered Smith River Falls was easy for our truck camper but not recommended for larger RVs or trailers.

We stopped at Liard Hot Springs and now regret not having taken time for a dip. We will do so later along our trip.

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