Monday, May 5, 2008

Keystone Cops

A week visiting our kids went all to fast and soon found us camped on my sister's driveway in Burlington, Wisconsin. After a quiet night, daybreak was bright and crisp with a turkey in the back yard. A nice, clear day for the drive to Madison and the State Capitol Building, said to be one of the nation's most beautiful.

The building is ornate both inside and out and is certainly one of the most beautiful we have seen, rivaling the one we like so much in Salem, Oregon. After visiting inside we left through the main front door and were surprised to find a group of Keystone cops.

It soon became apparent that a Hollywood film crew was here filming a John Dillinger movie, to be titled " Public Enemies". The streets were full of shiny old cars and many actors in period dress.

We didn't see John himself as he was on a set inside and security was very tight. The last time we happened on a movie set was at Harper's Ferry in Virginia during the filming of "Gods and Generals", a film based on the Civil War.

 The relatively small size of the truck camper allows us to park in many standard parking spaces and here we are with the Capitol Building in the background.

Being spring as it is, farmers are out working in their fields. From time to time we pass an Amish farm and are able to "sneek" a picture.

 Many women and girls are out planting in their gardens today and wash clothes hangs out in the sun to dry. Men and boys are working the fields and kids are playing around the barns. 

We are traveling through an area once populated by the Blackhawk Indians and there are a number of markers along the road telling of their history here.We stop at several and feel sorry for the way we abused them.

We arrived early at tonight's camp along the Mississippi River and find that we are the only ones here at Balckhawk Corp Of Engineers Park.  The high water and flooding along the Mississippi has kept people away.

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