Friday, November 16, 2012

The Mexican Connection

 We are members of The Mexican Connection, a chapter of the Escapees RV Club that has an interest in RV travel in Mexico. 

 For over 25 years, highly organized volunteers from this group have been leading annual trips to many parts of this interesting country.  In the past, as many as 125 RV's have traveled as far as Mexico City.

The pictures in this post are from a rally near Poza Rica on the Gulf Coast north of Veracruse.

We were presented with the key to the city of Papantla, spent over a week there, and were warmly entertained and welcomed.

We are often entertained by local groups and can get to know them quite well.

The nearby city of Leon is known for manufacture of leather goods.  Judy and I have explored many cities in Mexico.

Trips to local markets, where bargaining is a way of life, are always interesting.

Typically, we tour the local industries.  A banana plantation is seen above and a vanilla plantation below.

Sorting vanilla beans for quality.

A high quality hand-crafted furniture factory.

Hand painting at a pottery factory.

We have been to many ruins in Mexico, climbing to the top of many, and exploring the inside of a few.

These pictures were taken at the ruins of El Tajin, where we have been several times.

There are some beautiful rafting rivers in Mexico.

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