Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking A Hike In Mexico

Captured 2003-12-26 00001
This hike was actually a two day adventure.  Judy had read about some petroglyphs in the area and Dennis and I set out to find them.

Captured 2003-12-25 00005
We first met Dennis and Helene on that beach in San Blas and visited them at their home in Quebec on our way back from our trip in Eastern Canada a year ago.

Captured 2003-12-25 00010
Part of this coast is volcanic rock with offshore islands that I have explored in my kayak.

Captured 2003-12-031
Here is a volcanic crater with banana trees on the far side.

Captured 2003-12-030
We have seen many of these in Mexico, as well as many other kinds of fruit.

Captured 2003-12-28 00027
Our second day of searching led us to this almost dry river canyon.

Captured 2003-12-052
Here is where we found a hundred or so beautiful petroglyphs.

Captured 2003-12-040 - Copy

Here is also where we saw our first Coatamundi, a ring tail animal that we occasionally see in Mexico.

Captured 2003-12-30 00020
The articles seen above and the coins below are religious tokens left by local indigenous people that still keep old traditions alive all over remote Mexico.

Captured 2003-12-032
We came upon this small village which had two very small but nice churches.

Captured 2003-12-077

Captured 2003-12-071

Captured 2003-12-072

Captured 2003-12-073

Captured 2003-12-075
This is only a three day ride from the U.S. border.

Captured 2003-12-078
The view toward the coast was beautiful.

Captured 2003-12-076

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