Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spreading Goodwill

One of the goals of the Mexican Connection is to give back to the communities that we travel to.

For this trip, someone was able to bring a large supply of stuffed animals and several large bags of MardiGras beads.

What might seem trivial to us is very important to them, as these are very likely the only stuffed animals they will ever own.

Their happy faces and smiles bring great rewards to us.

Mothers and grandmothers look on, sometimes with tears in their eyes, as chickens and pigs run around the school yard.

This school in the same village is for the older kids and has a leaking roof.

There are almost no books. Here we left a nice supply of pencils, paper, calculators and other supplies.

This girl was the first to come from her school on top of the hill.  She went home and brought back her mother before accepting any beads from us.

News spreads fast in these small villages.  It is very rare for outsiders to come here.

These people are neat and clean, even though their homes often have dirt floors and chickens (sometimes pigs) running in and out.

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