Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mexican Homes And Kitchens We've Been In

Homes in Mexico can be anything from extremely beautiful to just barely there.

One of the benefits of these remote charity trips is the opportunity to interact with the people we meet.

                                     We are occasionally invited into their homes.

This woman was excited to make corn tortillas for us.

Stuffed with warm, fresh mushrooms in her "secret" garlic sauce, they were unbeatable.

                               This is the real Mexican cooking we've come to see.

                                       Outdoor kitchens are not unusual to find.

These women are often outstanding cooks and love to make things for us.

This cave is vacant now, but was once the home of a Tarahumara family in the Copper Canyon.
The ceiling is blackened with the soot of many cooking and heating fires.

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