Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life’s A Beach

Captured 2003-12-027
If that last beach was a little too remote for your taste, here is one in a small fishing village a little farther down the coast.

Captured 2003-12-027
We stayed 20 days here in this beach campground, celebrating Christmas and New Years with the locals.  It was a truly wonderful experience.

Captured 2003-12-024
They provided water and a dump, and once again our solar system provided all the power we needed.

Captured 2003-12-21 00002
Coconuts were removed from overhead trees so they would not fall on our roofs and damage them.

Captured 2003-12-21 00011
Fresh coconut drinks were soon for sale on the beach.

Captured 2003-12-21 00027
Here Judy is shopping on main street just off the beach.

Captured 2003-12-032
Sand is brought up from the beach to keep the street from getting rutted.

Captured 2003-12-033
There are a number of restaurants serving very good food.

Captured 2003-12-037
The fishermen bring in a fresh catch every morning to the co-op.

Captured 2003-12-27 00001

Captured 2003-12-23 00018

Captured 2003-12-27 00000
At 8AM every morning, you can buy any piece of fresh fish they have.

Captured 2003-12-23 00008
Here I am on the beach helping to pull in a net of fish.

Captured 2003-12-23 00014

Captured 2003-12-021
A group of kids came by every day for a language lesson.

Captured 2003-12-21 00019
They taught us Spanish and we taught them English.

Captured 2003-12-038
Sunsets along the coast are unforgettable here. 
Did I forget to say it cost $25 a week to stay here and I paid for the stay with money I found on the beach with my metal detector?

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