Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Camper Modification 6-- Filling Fresh H2O Tank From City Connection

This modification is a little harder to explain.  Our fresh water pump and bucket feed inlet are close to each other on the passenger side of the camper, while the city water connection is on the other side.  As you  know, we filter all incoming water with our sediment filter and only add water in the bucket feed when absolutely necessary.  

So we made a modification to fill the fresh tank with filtered water from the city water connection on the other side of the camper.  The picture above shows the factory pump installation.  Incoming water from the tank comes from the left and leaves the pump on the right.  The hose to the left of the bypass valve is incoming water from the tank and the one to the right of it is open for winterizing.   

There is a valve at the pump that allows water to pass through it in only one direction.  All one has to do is place a line with a shut-off in it between the incoming and outgoing water.  Above is the finished installation with the new red valve in the normal "off" position.  This is the same as before the change.  With the pump on, water from the tank cannot get through the new shut-off and has to go through the pump as before; then out to the blue cold water line and throughout the rig.  When hooked up to water, the city connection fills the blue line and the water cannot get through the new valve because it is shut off.  It can't get through the pump either because of the one way valve at the pump, so water goes throughout the rig again. 

To fill the fresh tank with filtered water from the city connection, all we do is turn "on" the new, red valve as shown above.  This allows water from the blue line to get through the open valve and back up into the tank, thus filling it.  Water cannot get back through the pump because of the one-way valve at it.  There is a vent in the tank to prevent too much pressure buildup while it is being filled.  To make things even better, we open the bucket fill cap to release any air pressure as the tank fills.  Because the bucket fill and pump in our rig are so close to each other, this is easy to do.  The hose curving up over the pump is the original open winterizing hose and is the same as it was before the change.

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