Monday, December 5, 2011

Camper Modification 1-- Solar System

One of the first things we did was to get the solar panels on the roof and out of the way.

We have them set up so that they can be tipped in any direction to face the sun for optimum efficiency.  They are properly set so that when either raised or flat, nothing shades them to block the sun.  We had to move the TV antennae to achieve this.

Two 120 watt panels along with the 2500KW generator are all we need to run everything except the air conditioner.

The 10Ga wire is run along side the sewer vent to the inside controller.

This is a C40 controller, capable of handling 5 of these panels.

 The remote display shows a voltage of 13.1 with one amp charge from the panels.  These panels each can charge 7.1 amps, but the controller has them shut down because the batteries are almost full. That is what the controller is supposed to do.

Two AGM batteries are all that we can fit in and all the weight we want to carry.  The black rectangle on the left battery is a temperature compensator that feeds the battery temperature back to the controller. 

Our good friend, Don Hankins, likes the installation.

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