Monday, December 12, 2011

Camper Modification 4 -- Outside Sediment Water Filter

Because we live almost full-time in our camper and are often off the grid, we take on water wherever it's safely available.  We also use our water for everything, including drinking.  

                    By installing our whole house sediment filter immediately inside of the city water connection, all water entering the camper is filtered by it. 

This requires some plumbing work, but the leak-free and easy-to-work-with connectors can be obtained at any RV center.

The canister is solidly supported, easy to access yet out of the way, and cheap filters are readily available all over the country.

Quick connects make both hook-up and storage of the hoses easy to do.  After adding some insulation and a storage shelf, this compartment is beginning to shape up.  A little more insulation around the canister will finish it.

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