Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Camper Modification 2-- Catalytic Heater

Even though we have the standard RV furnace in the camper, a catalytic heater is indispensable for boondocking.

We don't often use the furnace, which uses electricity and is very inefficient on propane use.  Our Wave Three heater uses no electricity, is close to 100% propane efficient, and radiates a nice warm, consistent heat.  Catalytic and Ceramic propane heaters are legendary for boondocking use.

A quick disconnect  allows for easy storage when not in use and a 5 foot flexible hose allows for directional placement in use.

   In the nearby outside refrigerator compartment, we "tee'd" into the propane line and placed a shutoff there(shown here in the "on" position) so we can safely shut this off during periods of non-use.

      We use a soap solution to periodically check for propane leaks.  A very handy gadget I also like to  use is this gizmo that runs on two AAA batteries and is very accurate.  I use it first to rapidly search for and locate leaks and then soap the area to zero in on the exact spot.

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