Friday, December 16, 2011

Camper Modification 5 -- Kitchen Faucet And Biological Filter

The outside filter eliminates sediment particles, but does not affect taste or water quality.  For this purpose, we installed a dedicated faucet on the kitchen sink.  

After finding the best location, a proper size hole is drilled through the counter.

This is easy to do.

The faucet needs to be in a convenient place to use but out of the way, and also needs to be properly located on the bottom side of the counter so it can be firmly and properly attached.

The cold water line is cut where it can be best accessed.

A board can be glued and screwed to the wall to hold the canister bracket in a location where it will be most easy to periodically change the cartridge.

Connections are completed from the water line and faucet to the canister head.  These are the same leak-free and easy-to-use connections as we used outside.

This Culligan canister receives several kinds of cartridges.  We use the best there is for this because this is our drinking water and we get this water anywhere we may be.  Our water tastes the same from Mexico to Labrador and neither of us has ever been sick because of water issues in 11 travel years.

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