Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Map Store

 Traveling on highway 1 North of Kittery, Maine, we got our first view of the Atlantic coast--

                   --and saw Common Eider ducks for the first time in our travels.

 Today’s destination was L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine.  There are several very nice stores with all the items we expected to find.   However, we found Freeport itself to be just another high-end shopping village.  Overall, we were somewhat disappointed.

With time now on our hands, we had a nice leisurely lunch overlooking this quiet harbor.

                                     The view right out the back door.

  Tracing our way back to Portland, our next destination was the DeLorme headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine.

                          This is not the kind of place that Judy will pass up.

                          Their map store was understandably impressive.

         Maps and travel books from all over the world were for sale.

The DeLorme globe is the world’s largest revolving and rotating globe.  It is the largest printed image of the Earth ever created.

 To find more about Eartha go to www.DeLorme.com.

                         There is a wonderful display of geocoins. 

To find more information about this interesting hobby go to www.Geocaching.com.

 We have had a lot of fun with this and have been to interesting places that we otherwise would never have found.  It is also a great family hobby.

  You can’t miss this building when you pass it at night.

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