Sunday, May 22, 2011

North-East Truck Camping Jamboree

 Somewhere along the way we noticed on that there was going to be a North-East Truck Camper Spring Jamboree.

So we checked our map and GPS to see where it was being held. 

 Mi-Te-Jo Campground in Milton, New Hampshire was right on our route (everything is on our route)-- 
  --and, lo and behold, May19-22 was wide open as we rarely have anything planned on our calendar.  We were ready to go and on the way!

 This was a very well-planned rally with a great group of campers.

There were 31 truck campers in all, representing many manufacturers and all the Northeast states.

 It was a great educational experience.  We were able to trouble-shoot mechanical problems, measure our rigs, see what others had done to improve their rigs, and to compare travel experiences that we all had.

Let me tell you,these guys really know how to have a campfire.  We burned two piles of wood like this in the four day rally.    

 They also take their hot dogs pretty seriously.  Here Mike is demonstrating the proper technique for preparing  the fire for the dogs.

       Mike proudly displays the dog of choice, a Kayem Red--

--and then carefully demonstrates the proper technique for preparing the perfect dog and bun.

                                      This is what I like to call a real dog burn.

My dog roaster was no match for the weapons they had here.

I think a good Chicago style sesame bun beats anything but these did the job and with the Reds the taste is great.  They got my approval and are far better than those wimps I got last week in New York.

                    The pavilion was wonderful and used for a lot of activities.

                                    We played a bingo variation game--

                                                         --ate a lot of food--

                                --had a Hawaiian party and a fifty-fifty raffle--

                                          Had a few drinks at the tiki bar--

 --while Mike made sure everyone had a good time watching the nightly movies--  

                                 --with a bag of his famous hot-buttered pop corn. 

 Sunday breakfast was prepared by the guys and featured pancakes with hot syrup--

                                                   --eggs, sausage, and bacon--

                                      --English muffins, toast, juice and coffee.

                                   We got smiles from the girls--

                                          --and everyone had a great time. 

Everything  was packed back into the trailer.  This has to be one of the best rallys we have been to and it was with people we had never met before.  This is one of the great things about our lifestyle.  It’s not only the freedom to explore in our own RV, but, more often, the wonderful people we  meet along the way.

                          -and,yes,we did burn all that wood.

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