Sunday, May 15, 2011

Albany, Capitol of New York

 Our ride across New York state reminded us of northern Wisconsin.  

                              There are many farms, valleys and wooded hillsides.

We stopped at a well known restaurant known as '”The Texas Hot”.

 It’s famous for it’s chilidogs and they were selling them two at a time. I didn’t think they were all that great.  Actually, they were very bland and not very photogenic. 

These pictures of mine that I made in my solar oven look a lot better to me.  They're a lot tastier too, after I “dragged them through the garden”, as we say in Chicago.

 As it was raining and Sunday afternoon, we decided to go through the state capitol as no one would be there.

                                 Here we are parked up at a park next to the capitol building.

                                                   A nice church down the street.

                                                              The capitol building

                                                           The plaza across the street
                 We certainly wouldn’t drive our 5th wheel trailer in here!

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