Saturday, May 7, 2011

Class of 2011

   We left the State Park this morning and headed to Bloomington/Normal, Illinois for the 152nd commencement at Illinois State University.

                          Founded in 1857, this is Illinois’ first public university. 

The documents founding this institution were drafted by a young attorney named Abraham Lincoln.

One of our sons, Darrin, and his wife, Carrie, both graduated from here a few years ago, but today is Mark’s special day. 

                               This is our first grandchild to graduate from college.

 The look on his face in these pictures shows a happy, determined young man.

            With no dreary eyes or frown on his face, he looks confident and ready to go to me.

       Judy showing off her new Droid phone to her son so he knows these young kids aren’t getting ahead of her.
                                           Sister, Erika, and proud dad

                                 Congratulations on a job well done

                                          One very proud grandma

                          I like to get in a picture now and then myself.

One last look at the press box where Mark worked as a student videographer during his four years here.

                     Mark on the field with school mascot, Reggie Redbird.
                Riding out of town and into a whole new way of life.     

Mark majored in Integrated Marketing Communications, is interviewing now, and awaits your job offer.

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