Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Road to the Capitol

   The road today took us northeast through New Hampshire.  The countryside reminded us of parts of Alaska.   

                     There are lots of wooded hillsides and rushing creeks.

We drove through hazy fog and watched for moose but didn’t see any today. 

                     Once again, a state capitol was near and it was time to explore.

Since 1920, New Hampshire has had its primary election before any other state.  Held in February or March before any other similar election, this primary has become a critical first step in the road to the White House.

 Historically, New Hampshire voters have usually favored the candidate who ultimately attains the Oval Office.

We were able to park next to  a very nice, beautifully landscaped church--

                           -- directly across from the capitol building.


 On display are many original flags and important artifacts from the revolutionary and civil wars.

                                  The senate chambers were empty today.

            Once again, our camper gives us a front row seat.

It’s still a little early to start campaigning, but finding this nice grandstand in front of the capitol, I felt it was the best time to throw my hat into the ring and start the race to the Oval Office.

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