Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trout River

 More than a month ago we discovered an air leak in our truck exhaust brake line.  No part could be found along the way until yesterday in the town of Corner Brook.  A hydraulic shop had the part and fixed it for free!  Great Newfoundland hospitality!

We left our night camp on a beaver pond and headed out for the town of Trout River.  Wonderful hilly scenery and the brake fix came just in time.

Trout River is a very small fishing town and everyone knows everyone here.

                            When a boat leaves the harbor everyone knows it is gone--

--and when it comes back in everyone comes to see that they are safe and what they have caught.

Unpredictable weather and changing seas make his a very dangerous profession.

                               Government regulations are very strict now,

                       making fishing for a living a very difficult way of life.

 Shortened, unpredictable seasons, weight limits and the high cost of operating a boat and maintaining the equipment are just part of the increasing costs involved.

Helicopters, patrol boats and agents at the dock are all part of this enforcement.

 We have been told to follow the boardwalk to a nice place to eat and here we go.

The Seaside Restaurant is listed in National Geographic, Frommer’s, Lonely Planet and many other sources.

  Judy’s fresh-caught snow crab was the first in a long time and I had fresh caught Caplin.

                   These are Caplin  being dried in the sun right beside our camper.

                                They’re having halibut for dinner tonight.

                             The kids are netting Caplin tonight on the beach--

--while we enjoy the sunset in our camper right next to the Seaside Restaurant.  A real National Geographic camping spot!

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