Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia

 The weather was beautiful today as we traveled the back roads along the Minas Basin on the  Bay of Fundy.

Here we came upon the community of Hall’s Harbor, first used as a base by pirate Samuel Hall in 1779 and now world famous for its cold water lobster. 

At low tide here the seaweed beds and sea bottom are exposed, ready to explore.  Boats settle in cradles along the wharf until the tide comes back in.

                              40 foot tides are not uncommon in Hall’s Harbour.

                                            The tide is at 311/2 feet at this time.

  As soon as the tide comes in the boats return with their catch and are met by waiting trucks, ready to be loaded for their trip to markets. 

                       This boat had about 40 crates of lobsters for it’s days catch.
 We had a nice dinner at this lobster pound and were allowed to stay for the night next to the wharf along the beach.

                         The sunset here was the best we have seen in a long time.


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