Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swiss Air 111 Crash Site, Peggy’s Cove

We had a brief stop at the memorial site for the Swiss Air Flight 111 crash that happened off this coast in 1998.  All aboard were killed and several small villages here were involved in any recovery efforts.

                            About an hour and a half from Lunenburg lies Peggy’s Cove. 

 Set on rocky shores, the lighthouse and village are very photogenic.  The granite rock here was ten miles beneath the earth’s surface 380 million years ago.  Glaciers also made their marks on the rock surface.  The geology is very interesting.

This rock  prevents drilling for water and removing waste.  Fresh water is collected from rain gutters and stored in basement cisterns.  Composting toilets are used to remove waste.

                        This is one of the most popular tourist stops in Atlantic Canada. 

Several families still make their living fishing here, but it’s a pretty place that’s convenient for tours to stop and people can browse in the few artsy type shops. 

This is a delightful place, but there are many more beautiful, small villages along the coast that we have explored in our camper.  Once away from the tourist areas, we have had wonderful conversations with people who have invited us into their homes, told us how they fish and live here, and invited us to stay for the night in their communities.

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