Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fort Beausejour-Fort Cumberland

 Today was our last day in New Brunswick and we used our national Parks pass to explore this fort overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

Built by the French in 1751, it was captured by the British in 1755 and renamed Fort Cumberland.

 This area is rich in history as France and England fought for the supremacy of this area known as Acadia. 

The fort overlooks freshwater marshes and dykes dug by the Acadian people in the 1750’s and still visible today as these dark lines in the ground.

 These star-shaped forts were the most advanced at the time and were very difficult to penetrate.

               Thick stone walls and underground casemates were covered with sod.

 A short drive from the fort  took us into Nova Scotia and the end of this road on this nice beach.

We spent our first night in Nova Scotia here just off the Bay of Fundy.

Our only neighbors are on a two month vacation from Holland in a rented camper.

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