Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where In The World Is Humpy Point?

We woke up to rain this morning and decided to do some exploring before picking up our mail. Driving south from Soldotna, a turn down a nice pot-holed road brought us to a dead-end at the coast and the Beachm Family Fishery at Humpy Point, Kasilof, Alaska.

We were given a warm reception by Mrs. Beachm and after following her to a high bluff overlooking the water she gave us a one hour lesson in many aspects of commercial salmon fishing.
We were able to watch her husband and sons working their nets as she explained the whole process to us. There are many details, permits and regulations involved, some very technical. This year they are only allowed to fish two days a week for six weeks.

Long lines of nets left in the water are checked every six hours in all kinds of weather.

The boat is driven under one end of the line and the net placed over a roller.

As the net is pulled in the fish are removed and the net rolls back into the water on the other side of the boat. The boat will ride its way down the net line until it reaches the far end.

                            All Alaska salmon are wild. Salmon farming is illegal in Alaska!

Farm-raised fish are often covered with sand fleas like this one here but wild fish have only an occasional one which is brushed off and are harmless.

               We bought two nice Red Salmon from them for $2.35 a pound--

                      --and were given three flounder for being such nice guests!

We had yet another great day and learning experience all because we are such nosey travelers!

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