Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cool Companions

We begin our pursuit for the Glacial Ice Worm this afternoon at the Byron Glacier trailhead --
-and note it's been five days since bears were last seen on the trail.

                                It's an easy one mile hike to the glacier face --

-and we are told the snow on the mountain tops is still as deep as fifty feet-

                                -but the danger of avalanches is now over.

                                A short hike onto the slippery snowpack --

                                   -revealed large areas of red algae,

looking like dirt upon the snow, but growing as natures food for the Ice Worm.

It's bright and sunny today, not a good day to find them, but we do have several to show you.

                                  We hope you enjoyed this hike as much as we did!

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Anonymous said...

Avalanches at Glacier are "now" or "not" over? Tricky fellow using brochures instead of your own words. Your photo buddy! p.s. keep up the good blogspot