Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fishing The Kenai River

Heading North from Anchor Point we retrace our path up the Kenai Peninsula to the town of Soldotna and the mouth of the Kenai River. 

The world record 97 pound 4 ounce Chinook salmon was caught here by Les Anderson in 1985.

Trust Worthy Hardware and Fishing store has a huge, complete supply of salmon tackle including all sorts of canning and vacuum freezing equipment.

 Even freezers like the one this man put in his living room after he took his chair apart and put the parts in his truck.

                   The fish have finally arrived and they and fishermen are everywhere.

                                We see several nice ones landed right in town.

Alaskan residents are able to "dip-net" with a special permit and we watch as a salmon is netted every several minutes along the crowded mouth of the Kenai River.

 There are so many salmon here now that all one has to do is hold a large net in the water for ten to fifteen minutes and one will swim into it.

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