Friday, July 18, 2008

Bear Attack!

 Today we leave Soldotna heading east on the Sterling Highway and it didn't take long for us to find something to do.

As our friends Don and Karen had mentioned, we would be passing by the Second Annual State Championship Chainsaw Carving Competition.

                                     This is nothing short of incredible.

                                There were many carvings of all sizes--

--and carvers could be commissioned to carve just about anything you would like to have made.

This truck was full of all types of vintage chainsaws we had never seen before.

It was interesting to see what could be done in a one hour quick-carve contest.

We will miss the live auction tomorrow when many of these pieces will go to the highest bidder.

We camp tonight on Skilak Lake and retire early as tomorrow will be a big day. We will hike the trail to Byron Glacier and dig in it's snowpack in an attempt to find the elusive and diminutive Glacier Ice Worm.


Bev said...

Such great wood carvings! Wow! Could have used some of hose saws for tree cutting too.

Bev said...

I also really dig the "time out chair" LOL. Alli would like the bear in her room and Duane just wants to catch a fish. LOL.