Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Whitehorse To Skagway

 We played tourist in Whitehorse, capitol city of the Yukon. A short drive across town took us to a suspension bridge across Miles Canyon, one of the greatest perils of the trail to the gold fields.

                        It is here that we saw our first wild Crocus of spring.

Nearby is the Whitehorse Dam containing the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. Glass windows in a view site allow one to see fish on their way upstream to their spawning grounds. Being early in the year as we are, no fish were here today.

The Beringia Centre details our ice age past with exhibits and movies tracing the Ice Age in the Yukon, which, unlike the rest of Canada, was for the most part ice-free.

The Transportation Museum houses a unique collection of artifacts depicting our Gold Rush transportation heritage.

Today we took the South Klondike Highway to Skagway where we will wait for our mail and a truck part being shipped from the States.

                              We stopped at a few ghost towns and almost ghost towns,

                                           saw our first Grizzly of the trip,

   and found some spectacular scenery before crossing into Alaska near White Pass.

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