Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fire on Board -- Abandon Ship!

                                             We say goodbye to Valdez --

-- and take the six hour ferry ride to Cordova, smooth and relaxing as we glide through Prince William Sound --

--with a brief stop in the remote Native American village of Tatitlek to unload supplies.

The shore was permeated by glaciers, fjords, waterfalls tumbling into the sea, and mountain ranges half buried by ice fields and covered at the base by lush rain forest.

The sea was glistening with an occasional iceburg from Columbia Glacier.

                                                  We passed the fishing fleet,

                                                the ever present pods of sea otters--

                                        and even saw a few Dall's Porpoises.

We were told to stay clear but allowed to observe our first fire drill aboard an Alaska Marine Ferry.

I was hoping to get a ride in the life boat but was told to stay clear or get a hose down instead.

With the "fire" out we cruised on to the small commercial fishing town of Cordova with no further delays.

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