Sunday, March 3, 2013

Road to Roosevelt Lake

 After the Winter Blast, we headed toward Mesa, Az. for a week or so of camping in the Tonto National Forest.  While there, we visited the Superstition Mountain Museum with Jim and Lynnae.

              This is the location for many Hollywood Western movies.

                           Gunfights are still part of the action here.

 Jim also got a great deal on a High Spirits flute and graciously gave it to Lynnae.

                               There are still lots of wild horses and burros roaming the West.

 After Jim and Lynnae headed for home in Minnesota, we headed to Roosevelt Lake higher up in the Tonto National Forest.

 On the way, we visited the Tonto National Monument and the ruins there.

                                  We were first here several years ago.

                                    This is a beautiful drive.

                                 Our first view of Roosevelt Lake.

                 Camping in the Tonto National Forest with water and dump available.

                            A million dollar view for only $3 a night.

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Unknown said...

Wild horses! What beautiful landscapes.