Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apache Trail

With nice, sunny weather, and spring in the air, we headed out for a ride on the Apache Trail.

The Apache Trail, 76 miles North East of Phoenix, is famous for its steep, narrow and winding descent.

Towering cliffs and broad vistas greet you at every turn.

        In some places, rock fills 75 feet high were needed to provide a usable road bed.

                           In other places, rock had to be cut 60-70 feet deep.

                                       Even so, the trail climbs the hill at a 10% grade.

       The road is quite rough in many places and a wreck or two far below remind one to stay away from the edge.

                                     Several nice waterfalls drop into Fish Creek.

Beautiful Apache Lake is along the trail high up in the mountains.

Roosevelt Dam was first built on the Salt River over a five year period.  It created Roosevelt lake, which at that time was the largest man-made lake in the world.

When completed in 1911, it was the largest stone dam in the world.  It was originally 280 feet high.

After modification between 1989-1996, it is now 357 feet high.

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Mark said...

Impressive scenery, hopefully you're enjoying the warm weather and the views.