Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Rock Scenic Byway

Our drive today took us on the Red Rock Scenic Byway south of Sedona, Arizona.

                         This area is famous for its red rock color and formations.

The destination is the V Bar V Ranch and the petroglyphs there.  

The petroglyphs on this sandstone bluff-1032 have been identified so far-  make up the largest and best preserved petroglyph site in the Verde Valley.  Most were done over 800 years ago-between AD 1150 and 1400.  

This petroglyph area contains concentric circles and snake-like figures suggesting a system for marking time.

To mark time, petroglyphs were placed in specific locations that align with the light and shadow effects cast by two boulders caught in the crevice above.

The summer solstice and spring and fall equinox were easily determined in this way.  Corn planting was a central focus of this calendar.

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