Thursday, July 5, 2012

Implant Activation Day

Activation Day is a huge event, as on this day implant sound is turned on for the first time.
I have a chat with Nurse Dorothy Hall about my post-op experiences--

--Then have a long session with Sara Morton, a specially trained implant audiologist, who works only with implant recipients.

She unpacks the first of two kits I will receive, goes over the many accessories in it, and connects me to a computer for programming my initial settings.

This is a Harmony Sound Processor with computer connection for programming. The round part is a magnetic headpiece that sends digital signals to the internal implant under the skin. With this device turned on, the first sound I heard in my totally deaf right ear was that of Judy's voice.  How nice is that?

                            Click on the picture above to read about hearing.

 To learn more about cochlear implants, go to Cochlear Implants Advanced Bionics and click on "What is a Cochlear System Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Implant Advantages."

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