Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bionic Ears and Cochlear Implants

Hearing aids and bionic ears aren't what they used to be.

After having been approved for cochlear implants last December, I spent the next few months researching the three companies that manufacture them.

This is an important decision, as the implant electrodes are surgically placed in your inner ear and you only get one shot at this.  It's imperative that you choose the right company, as your hearing for the rest of your life will depend on them.  

I chose Advanced Bionics, relying on its past performance, superior engineering, many significant innovative improvements, outstanding customer support, and the overall large capacity it's implant has for future software additions.

The surgeon, audiologist and hospital are also very important to overall success.

We delayed surgery for three months to be able to have Dr. James Kemper place the implant at Seton Medical Center in Austin.  

I was successfully implanted on June 23, with no complications at all. Both Dr. and hospital were excellent. 

This gave Rita a chance to practice her new-found hair cutting techniques, as she could do no wrong.

Business is good and anxious customers are already beginning to line up.

Bob already enjoying his new buzz cut.

The new me, customer number one.

                                                  Bob, customer number two.

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