Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Imperial Valley, California

The Imperial Valley of California is a rich, fertile farmland.  With a near perfect climate, year around
 growing season, water from the Colorado River, and abundant migrant workers, this is a growers paradise.

                                   A wide variety of dates and produce are continually grown here.  Date shakes are a real treat after a long desert trail ride. 

These crops are sold before they are planted. That way the harvest date is known and shipment is ready ahead of time.

These workers are all over the place and fields are well taken care of.  A weed doesn't have a chance here.

There is a wide variety of produce here and a variety of harvesting methods.

Automated machinery and work crews move from field to field.

         Crops are cut, cleaned, bagged and crated right on the machine.

They will be fresh on your shelf tomorrow.

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