Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Salvation Mountain And The Slabs

If you're an RV'er and you want to find your god, this is the place for you.  

It covers an area the size of a football field.

This three story work of art was begun in 1984 and is now three stories high.

It is covered with over 300,000 gallons of paint in many layers.

It is one man's dream and, with donated paint, has been constructed almost entirely by himself.  

Traveling RV'ers bring this paint from all over the country and Canada.

One has to walk through and over it to get a feel for the place.

                        When we first came here in 2002, the creator greeted us and took us for a tour.

Two months ago he was placed in a nursing home, and will never work on his mountain again.

The future of Salvation Mountain is unsure, so you had better get over to it soon to be sure and observe this unusual work of art in its' magnificence.

So who is this man that so many people all over the world have come to know?

This paper is found in a room in the Mountain.  It can be enlarged by clicking on it.  Much more can be found about Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain on your computer. 

Slab City is what remains of an old military base North of Niland. California and East of the Salton Sea.  One passes this old guard house just after leaving Salvation Mountain.

"The Slabs", as the area is also called, derives its' name from concrete that remains from the old military installation.

There is no real government jurisdiction here, so it is mostly self controlled.  As a result, the area is rather shabby, with some very nice RVs and a superb collection of not so nice RVs. Some people live here the year around.

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