Friday, January 20, 2012

Quartzsite and Imperial Dam

Quartzsite, Arizona  is a winter mecca for several hundred thousand RV'ers from all over the U.S. and Canada.

They scatter all over the area in what is known as BLM public land.

                           The opening picture of this post was taken from this ultralight plane--

--which can land right here among our rigs.

There are all sorts of activities going on around here--

--from free pancake breakfasts to the ever popular potluck.

The pictures below are from The Imperial Dam BLM area South of Quartzsite.

                                           The Chocolate Mountains are in the background.

It's 60 miles away from the bustle of Quartzsite, is less crowded, and is more peaceful.

Wild burros left from prospectors are common visitors here.

                                    Sunsets over the Chocolate Mountains are always spectacular.


"The Names" is a vast area of the desert tattooed by thousands of rocks with various forms and names left by campers over the years.

There's always a 4X4 trail ride going somewhere into the mountains.

An occasional "Dog Burn" is always a well attended event.

This Canadian hot dog roaster is the ultimate work of art.

It can roast 8 dogs at a time, slowly turning to absolute perfection.

When wheeled in to operating range, it puts you close to 20 feet from the fire.

                                          The end of another nice day at the Imperial Dam.

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