Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Mighty Susquehanna

We were able to bypass the wrath of tropical storm Irene by heading north
                     to visit friends in Quebec.  

It is now two weeks after the storm as we pass through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

 Swollen rivers have receded considerably, but still remain high above flood stage in many areas.

               This is a beautifully scenic area with many rivers, bridges and rural roads. 

Destruction is now wide-spread and massive, with many bridges and roads completely missing or seriously damaged.  Water rose over 14 feet here to completely cover this bridge and road.

With so many roads and bridges destroyed, even now two weeks after the storms, police, state highway workers and the National Guard could not tell us which way to go.

This guardrail was taken out by the force of the rushing water and debris that came down the road.

 This is the main section of  Vestal, New York two weeks after the storms.

                                 These stores still have one to three feet of water in them.

   With no electric and water and for some no homes or cars to return to, it will be a long time for normal life to return.

   We have never before seen this much destruction in our travels.

After four hours of closed interstates, washed out impassable roads and completely missing bridges, we counted our blessings as we finally found our way south to the North-East Truck Camper Jamboree this weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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Mark said...

I'm enjoying the storm surveillance photos, it's always amazing to see these pictures.