Sunday, September 18, 2011

North-East/Ohio Valley Truck Camping Jamboree

OK folks, we’re back for our second rally with the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree.  The Ohio Valley Truck Campers have also been invited to this rally and over 90 truck campers of all kinds will be here for this four day event.

No rally can truly begin until Wagonmaster  Mike(Mikeee)  Tassinari arrives with his cargo trailer loaded with all kinds of rally stuff.

A special feature of this rally is the sweet corn, 300 pounds of steamer clams and 36 feet of sub sandwiches for Saturday nights dinner.

    Mikee always has really good deals on camping clothing and everyone quickly comes to see what new items he may have.

Jackets, blankets and shirts with the jamboree logo are always popular items.

With over 90 truck campers present, we don’t think any manufacturer was left out.  Arctic Fox, Northern Lite, Chalet, Big Foot, Host, Eagle Cap, Palomino, Adventurer, Lance, Okanagan,S&S, Shadow Cruiser, Northstar, and Travel Lite were all present.  I am sure we missed some.  With all these models and owners present, this has to be the best truck camper show one could find.

Gordon and Angela White from Truck Camper Magazine were there with a Travel Lite camper for everyone to see and tour. 

                     Mikeee had the usual endless pile of firewood, all of which was used.

The morning seminars on truck and camper maintenance and related issues were well attended.

We had a wine and beer tasting demo with everyone bringing samples from their travels.  Saki, Nova Scotia Blueberry wine and home made moonshine were my favorites.

                     Here’s a group of people that can tell you a lot about truck campers.

                   Part of the rally is paid for with proceeds from the raffle that is held at every rally.

There were a lot of nice donated items.  We brought a lobster trap from our summer trip to Newfoundland.

                                          We ate six of these six foot sub sandwiches--

                                       ---and 300 pounds of fresh, steamed clams.

                                           Lots of melted butter for the clams and corn.

don’t think anyone can add more enthusiasm to a rally than Mikeee.  Here he is going over his last minute instructions on how to best enjoy his corn, sub and steamer extravaganza.

                      We took his advice and all agreed that the meal was a huge success.

                              These New Englanders really like their steamers.

John, from Arkansas, didn’t do too bad either.

The raffle is always well attended, with many nice items going to the lucky winners.

                                        This helps to pay a major part of the rally expenses.
                     The rallies always end with a Sunday morning breakfast prepared by the guys.

Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and coffee send everyone off on a safe trip home.

   Got to get that flame just right.

                                                 Hey, they’re looking good right now.

                                                         You want your bacon crisp?

Mike Olesnevich from Xtreme RV in High Point, North Carolina sponsored this Sunday morning breakfast.  Mike specializes in truck campers and that is all he sells.

                     Time goes fast and before we know it we are on our way--

--through the mountains of Pennsylvania, and into West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana--

--where we will visit relatives and our kids while we volunteer at the Chain-O-Lakes State Park near Chicago, where we used to live.


AnneB said...

Sure did enjoy seeing you two again. Hope you make it to New England again.

Dennis and Donna said...

We are from Sandwich, IL...Our nephew is the mayor/president of Spring Grove, IL, which is near Chain O lakes..Ever heard of the DeKalb County Fair..It happens every Sept. just down the street from us...Loved the rally photos...especially the seafood!!