Friday, September 9, 2011

Road Trip USA

Having a few days to spare before heading to our next camper rally, we checked to see what was ahead on our route. 

It was easy to head towards Vermont’s number one tourist attraction, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, a fun factory in Waterbury, Vermont. 

Here we found out how two childhood friends, Ben & Jerry, turned a Penn State University $5 correspondence course on ice cream-making into a global ice cream phenomenon.

Their non-traditional and caring approach to business made them one of the most recognized and admired companies in America.

                             The factory tour is fun and educational.

We saw ice cream being made and learned about the company’s history.

The free sample of the day was number three on their sales chart, Chunky Monkey.

They only use natural ingredients from fair trade companies all over the world.

Two life-long friends, Ben and Jerry began making ice cream in 1978, and became internationally famous for their ultra-rich ice cream and for their activism, donating a percentage of profits to support “progressive social change”.

                    The Flavor Graveyard comically tells of flavors no longer made.

 Ben & Jerry have just announced their newest flavor, “Schweddy Balls”, in response to a skit about them on Saturday Night Live.

We then got into driving mode and headed across some of Vermont’s beautiful countryside.

Here we are in front of the Capitol Building in Montpelier, Vermont.  Montpelier is the smallest city to serve as a state capitol, but its statehouse is considered one of the most picturesque in the U.S.  We were not able to get inside today, but it is a very beautiful building.

                The next stop today was at King Arthur Flour Store in Norwich, Vermont.

                                     It’s a large store and they are tripling it’s size.

                     All sorts of gourmet cooking supplies and equipment are found here.

Renowned chefs and bakers from all over the world can be found here in the Demo Kitchen.

This wonderful lady will be doing a baking demonstration in Oct. near my sister’s home and I hope to be there with her.

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