Tuesday, August 19, 2008

University Of Alaska Museum- Fairbanks

The University Of Alaska Museum at Fairbanks overlooks the city and the Tanana Valley. This award-wining building is divided into regions of the state with each section examining the geology, history and unusual aspects of that area and is truly world-class.

Native cultural displays are a good introduction to Athabascan, Eskimo, Aleutian and Tlingit culture.

                                    Water-container made from dried fish skin

                                    Ivory cribbage boards, necklaces, bracelets and figures

                        Aleutian whaling hat, grease bowl and ceremonial mask

                                                    Wooden marriage bowls

                                                         Halibut hooks

                                             Sealing stool and Seal Retriever

                            Aleutian sun goggles block the brightness of the snow.

 Least Weasel -We found this curious little guy running around at the nearby botanical garden.

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