Friday, August 8, 2008

Denali--The High One

We drove further into the park each day, always enjoying it's changing beauty.

                                            Dall sheep

                                                    Red fox

                                                   Long-tailed Jaeger

                                               Grizzly with cub


                                                            Wolf pup

                                                     Dall sheep rams

                                           Red fox waiting for dinner

                                            Red fox with dinner--a least weasel

                                                         Alaska Range

                                     Denali, North America's highest mountain.

It can be seen from Anchorage to Fairbanks and at 20,230 feet is so tall it is said to make it's own weather, which in summer is often overcast or rainy, allowing visitors only about a 30-40 % chance of seeing it even while traveling into the park.

 Our weather was typical, with some bright blue skys and white puffy clouds, but mostly threatening clouds with rain and even some snow.

                                        We were fortunate to get these views.

                                                             Caribou herd

Snowing at the Visitor center

                              Model of Denali and Alaska range

                                         Denali's variable weather.

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