Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Denali Highway

Before leaving Anchorage for the last time we visited
Turnagain Arm in the Cook Inlet to see it's famous bore tide.

By checking our tide table we were able to calculate the exact time that the tide would be at it's highest at Beluga Point, a great viewing spot for us. This is the second highest bore tide in the world after the one at the Bay of Fundy.

                                 After some unexpected road construction--

                                             -- and another beautiful glacier--

                                       --we passed a view of the Aleska Pipeline--

--and turned on to the Old Denali Highway heading straight West toward Denali National Park and Preserve.

The two day ride on gravel was shrouded in fog and mist and we were almost alone the entire way. 

We camped on a river bank across from an old prospectors cabin and noted the solitude and scenery made it feel as though we were in another world.

As we neared the end of this road the fog lifted and we saw Denali for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

We stopped at a lake "camp-ground" just before Denali. We caught 19 inch Dolly Pardon(SP). Thay ate good after cooking on a "open" fire. - Love this site as it brings back so many Memories....