Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Native American Flute

The Kokopelli figure has been found in ancient ruins from as early as 200AD to as late as the 16th century.  As a minor god, he was responsible for creating rain, food, music, merriment, dance and many other needs for his people.  His likeness varies, but is unmistakable - dancing and always playing some kind of flute. 

 Thus, the origin of the Native American flute lies deep within ancient culture. 

 Flutes are made in many styles and from a variety of materials - bamboo, reed, wood, clay and ceramic. 

 Native Americans did not have a written language, so songs and techniques were passed on through rituals and practice.  This resulted in a gentle music created spontaneously with much feeling and emotion.

After some heartfelt thought, we decided today was the day to buy our first Native American flute!  We had talked with many flute makers over the last two years and kept coming back to this same place.

It was Rick and Rose Gnerich, makers of Native American Style High Spirits Flutes, that always held our attention.  They show genuine concern for matching their customers with a flute that best fits their style and musical interest.

We like the sound of the Golden Eagle aromatic cedar flute and it plays well for us.  It is one of the original woods used by early Native Americans and has a warm, soft and soothing sound.

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