Tuesday, January 15, 2013


                  The relatively small archaeological site of Labna was home to as many as 4,500 Mayans.  We saw only four other tourists on the day we were there.

Architecture here is typical Puuc style.

There are the usual serpents, some with human heads in their open jaws.

There are many arches, columns and Chac masks with large protruding noses.

 There are a number of Chultuns here.  These sites are so quiet, peaceful and enjoyable to visit and explore when there are so few other tourists to share them with.

The sacbe or "white road", made of raised limestone, can be easily seen here and connects the main palace with other parts of the city.

                                  Another well preserved and still working chultun.

                                   Chac noses and detailed workmanship.

Judy taking a nice morning walk on the sacbe just as the Mayans did over a thousand years ago.

                          The main palace has over 60 rooms and is 393 feet long.

                           The very dramatic end of the sacbe in Labna.

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