Friday, January 25, 2013

Algodones, Mexico

Algodones, Mexico is a tourist town just west and south of Yuma, Arizona.

 It's a fun place to spend a day shopping and getting glasses, hearing aids, dental work, prescriptions filled and other medical procedures done at extremely low prices.

We have gone to this dental office for several years now and are very happy with the care given there.
I have had cleanings, endodontic root canal treatment and crowns done there and the quality and materials are the same as I had in my own office near Chicago for 27 years.  As a fellow dentist, I have talked with a number of dentists there and the education, equipment, materials, and sterilization procedures are as good and many times even better than what we have back at home.  The latest in digital xrays and computer technology is often used.

This motorbike is a Mexican postal vehicle, wonderful for getting around the narrow and crowded streets in these small towns.

Jim would have liked to have one of these instead of the desk he had for over 40 years in postal management.

I once had our truck washed  in a place like this.  It took two guys over two hours and it was spotless inside, outside and underneath also.  Total cost was around $6.00US.

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