Friday, December 7, 2012

San Cristobal de la Casas

                              San Cristobal is one of our favorite cities in Mexico.

It is a big city that feels both modern and old at the same time.

It's a nice walking city with several beautiful cathedrals, several large markets, nice shops, good restaurants and nearby indigenous villages that can be visited.
Items are bought and sold every day on the cathedral steps.

Beautiful cathedrals and churches are found all over Mexico.

Local guides are hired in front of this church, as many outlying villages frown on visitors arriving without them.  Tourists are sometimes asked to leave and cameras may be taken.

     Visiting the main plaza, 31 De Marzo. 

               The markets are large, very colorful and interesting.

 The man on the left is from Chamula and the woman on the right is from Zinacantan. You can tell by the way they are dressed.

  Bartering is a way of life here, and one never pays the full asking price.

The variety and freshness of produce is amazing.  This stuff is really good.

                            Ever wonder where they get all those refried beans?

                 Remember those nice, big watermelons they had when you were a kid?

            You can buy one of almost anything.  Even eggs can be bought one at a time.

                               This courtyard was once part of a private home.

Have we ever been sick from Mexican food?  


                                                Do we eat where the locals eat?


                   These are Tortas, one of our favorite lunch sandwiches.

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