Wednesday, December 26, 2012

El Tajin

The archaeological site of El Tajin is located near the Gulf Coast towns of Poza Rica and Papantla.

                    We have explored this pre-Columbian site in north-central Veracruse state several times.

It developed between AD 800--1200, and at it's height with 30,000 inhabitants, was the most important center in north-east Mesoamerica.

Begun largely as an agricultural center, it later developed into the areas most important trade center.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is the best preserved and most thoroughly excavated example of a pre-Hispanic town from it's time period.

      Original coloring of red and blue can still be found on some buildings.

           There are far less tourists here than at Tulum or Chicken Itza near Cancun.

This site is so large it was able to support 17 ball courts.

There are many inscriptions along the ball court walls.

El Tajin means "God of Thunder or Lightning", and this triangle stonework is thought to represent this Diety.

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